♣︎ Laughter is brightest where food is best! ♣︎

Cookies and Cakes and Breads… Oh My!!!

We are heading back into the kitchen baking up a delicious storm!

And many more traditional treats for your table!

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Edmonton, Alberta


mjleavittdjonlic @ gmail.com


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The French Quarter Market

  • 8627 Marie-Anne Gaboury Northw StreetEast
  • Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4S8
  • Fridays 4pm-8pm

St. Albert Outdoor Market

  • located on St. Anne Street, some of St. Thomas Street, and on the St. Anne Street Promenade
  • St. Albert, Alberta T8N 3Z9
  • Saturdays 10am-3pm

Hi, I’m Michelle, owner of The Irish Baker!

Growing up in New Brunswick, from a family of eight, I can’t remember a time when my Mum wasn’t preparing meals and delicious home baked treats and desserts. Our kitchen is where I began washing and drying dishes, and when I got over my fear of the “mix master”, I started to help with baking. Birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, school lunch treats… baking connected our family through special occasions and everyday life. Today I bake delicious, time tested recipes that have been passed down through the generations of my mother’s family, the Donovan’s and Bowlen’s.

Remember, “Laughter is brightest where food is best.” And it is!